Hi, I'm Lela.

I am a mom, wife & dreamer! I have two tiny humans whom I love very much. Also, my husband, he’s AMAZING and so supportive. Hmmmm, I LOVE sushi, chipotle and a good coffee.   I’m super outgoing and usually always have a sarcastic response to everything.  Right now my playlist consists of only Taylor Swift and the Frozen soundtrack…..I have a three year old girl.  Would my playlist be any different otherwise? Probably not! 🙂


I was born and raised in Oregon & I’m still here.  I started photography in December of 2018. Although, I’ve always been drawn to it.  I want to photograph all the pretty places and capture all the feels. Photography is such an incredible job. I get to laugh with you, cry with you, and dance around on your wedding day with you. Does it get any better?